Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A New ConlinSense has been posted: "Weather Channels' Naming of Winter Storms Has Created Controversy"

You can find the new Conlinsense on the link to the right...also...

Regarding my "Big Announcement About The Middle Seat"...which I know is a day late....here it is...

I have turned The Middle Seat into an e-book. The Middle Seat Volume 1: First Class vs. Coach...I'll Take Coach Please...is now available for purchase. Before you gag, please know that I do not expect any regular blog readers to buy the e-book. Volume I is the first six months so since the site has shifted to The Reading Eagle...those posts are no longer available. Anyhow...if you think someone (or dozens of people you know) would like the book...please let them know. It is for sale for $2.99 on various e-reader platforms. How do you find it? Simple. You can go to iTunes and search for The Middle Seat Volume I...there are a few "Middle Seats" as some guy does weekly pod-casts which I am sure are not as funny....or you can go to Smashwords.com (may not show as a link in this posting) and search under The Middle Seat...

In any event. I will be creating Volumes II and III over the next few months. In the meantime...this is basically it for my marketing so...I humbly ask you to pass this on if you feel it is worthy. If not....the blog remains.

Thanks, as always for following The Middle Seat, I hope you give ConlinSense a chance...it is very different than this site and...as always...thanks for reading.

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