Sunday, March 17, 2013

What's In A Name?

I missed the blog posting last week. I know I said I would not do that but I did. The problem has been that I have been behind the wheel of the Giant SUV for close to 2,000 miles since the week before last. First I drove to Charleston...West Virginia, not South Carolina. On a Sunday. From there...Detroit. Three days later home. The next Monday, New York/Connecticut. I could have flown to West Virginia if I had been willing to connect in either Atlanta or Minneapolis and then I had to be willing to do it all over again just to get to Detroit. I wasn't and so I lost a couple of days (the Sunday departure didn't help) and got behind. Last week was a staff meeting and a training event with each day starting at 7:30 and ending between 9 and midnight (yes I could have ended each night at 9 but there were some beverages with my name on them). I left on Monday and got home early Friday evening.

So I have had little time and today (Sunday again) I drove back to Charleston...West Virginia, not South Carolina. The drive requires passing the eastern Continental Divide and it is at an elevation of roughly 2800 feet. It snows here almost every time I drive...even in August. It snowed today...along with ice and rain. There were at least ten accidents...I doubt there were that many accidents on the way to Charleston...South Carolina.

Anyhow, there was plenty to write about had I had the time. The TSA decided to arm passengers again; Martha Stewart chose JC Penny over Macy's and my airline dropped my status down to silver. It appears I didn't fly enough last year. That or they blamed me for smoke in the cabin and a blown starter shaft back in January. Now I am about to begin negotiations In West Virginia for the next two weeks and if I don't do well you may read about it,...just not in this blog...but in the paper. So I am letting you know now...I may post, I may not or I may post a repeat...I'd rather not but work is getting in the way. That and Charleston...West Virginia, not South Carolina. 

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